Enabling Technology

The right material combined with the correct functionalisation results in commercially viable nano-enhanced products

At Haydale, we have a patented low temperature plasma process that enables the commercial exploitation of performance enhancing nanomaterials such as graphene to be realised through the bespoke functionalisation of materials. Importantly, Haydale is able to supply the most appropriate feedstock be it derived from naturally occurring sources, organic mined powders or other synthetically produced nanomaterials to meet the customer requirements. Our process has been independently verified by the National Physical Laboratory. 

Why is functionalisation important?

Graphene does not readily mix with other materials, it must first be appropriately functionalised so that the end product can take full advantage of its superior properties. Functionalisation adds compatible chemical groups to the material surface to enable proper dispersion. Full dispersion of nanomaterials enables the final product to have an improved performance. The HDPlas® process offers the most effective method of achieving nanomaterial functionalisation and harnessing the true potential of graphene to create high quality products for the end user.