Haydale Patents

A key element of the Haydale strategy for growth is the continual development of our plasma technology and the protection of this IP through additional patent applications targeting specific market segments or products. The main and subsequent patents underpin our strategy to broaden our geographic reach through the creation of Haydale “Centres of Excellence” in territories close to major markets and licence our reactors to those subsidiaries. Additionally we will consider licensing our patented technology to our collaboration partners where they offer particular sales routes and/or a processing facility close to our target markets. We will continually update our patent family as we develop our functionalisation techniques and plasma capability. Whilst this is one area the aim is, wherever possible to add product patents that spawn from projects or internal R&D, such as the pressure sensor patent. The grant of a patent by the European Patent Office for the use of the plasma technology in treating ALL nano particles opens up many additional materials that are emerging as part of the increasing market focus on “hybrid” arrangements to improve further the ultimate performance of a host material.

Haydale have been granted patents in China, Australia and Europe.