The Future Is...Possible

Since its isolation in 2004 reports and papers describing the amazing properties of graphene and related nanomaterials have appeared regularly in the press.

Graphene is amazing. Or to be more precise, it could be. Made from a layer of carbon one-atom thick, experimental characterisation has revealed that graphene is mechanically 200 times stronger than steel, has in-plane electrical conductivity higher than copper, thermal conductivity similar to diamond and has an incredible surface area of over 2500m2 per gram.

It still remains that translating the fascinating and wondrous properties of single graphene sheets into real-world applications and products is problematic. The issue of hype still surround the graphene industry; at Haydale, it is important to us to remain realistic and approach graphene with a considered and consistent approach.

Leveraging its proprietary plasma technology Haydale is making the future possible through the consistent and scalable development and production of enhanced graphene and nanomaterials in a growing range of applications.

How do we do this?

Having discussed your application in depth, we can identify the most appropriate nanomaterial by considering your downstream processes and end goals. Then, by selecting a suitable functionalisation route, we can process the material accordingly to enable material dispersion, in order to optimise product performance.

Independently verified by the renowned National Physical Laboratory in the UK Haydale's plasma technology is helping organisations worldwide create and introduce a new generation of ground breaking functionalised graphene based commercial products.

 Transferring Technology from the Laboratory to the Commercial World