3D Printing Solutions

3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) enables designers to produce components or models directly from CAD software without the need to manufacture moulds or tooling. This is a fast growing and sizeable market today estimated to be worth over $30bn by 2022. Source: marketsandmarkets.com (April 2016).

The Haydale graphene enhanced PLA filaments, available in 1.75mm and 2.85 mm diameters, have been trialled by a number of 3D printing companies who have reported a number of major benefits, including:

  • Excellent first layer adhesion and z axis strength retention;
  • Major increase in speed of processing;
  • Improved strength and stiffness;
  • Better impact performance;
  • Excellent print quality and surface finish;
  • Improved dimensional accuracy; and
  • Compatibility with a broad range of printers and ease of use.  

Our graphene enhanced PLA filaments are available from www.shop.3dfilaprint.com, a  UK distributor of 3D Filaments.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet here

Download the Technical Data Sheet here

Bruce Jackson from www.3dprintingsystems.com said:

“The great thing about FFF style 3D printing, is if we can melt it we can just about 3d print with it. The only thing holding back the additive manufacturing industry is the choice of materials that we can extrude with. As a result, durable, multifunctional materials like the graphene-infused PLA from Haydale are important. 3D Printing Systems have been printing since 2011 and is one of Australia's largest distributors of desktop 3d printers.”


Haydale are looking for distributors and sales agents for its graphene enhanced PLA filaments worldwide. Companies interested in becoming a distributor or wishing to know where to buy the products from should contact gerry.boyce@hayadalecs.com or by phone on +44 1509 210027