Composite Solutions

Graphene and composites are natural allies

Composites have always utilised the specific properties of individual component parts that when mixed together produce a material with combined benefits. Traditionally those constituent parts have been a reinforcement, such as glass or carbon fibre, and a thermoset or thermoplastic matrix.

The recent discovery of Graphene and its long list of properties however provides a third major constituent material whose properties can be imparted into the composite.

Research (Cardiff School of Engineering, EU Cleansky) has highlighted that Haydale functionalised GNP and CNT carbon reinforced composites produced a 50% increase in compression after impact (CAI) strength. In-plane shear strength was also improved by up to 60% highlighting the strengthening and toughening.


The addition of functionalised Graphene within resin and composite materials can provide a wide range of benefits including:

  • Electrical conductivity
  • Thermal conductivity and heat management
  • Structural properties (toughness, strength, modulus, interlaminar, CAI)
  • Permeation resistance
  • Sensing ability

HAYDALE composite solutions (HCS) is a distinct unit within the HAYDALE group that specialises in the commercial development of resin, adhesives and composite materials with nano-improved performance. Based in Loughborough, HCS work with OEM suppliers, fibre and resin manufacturers and end users from all industrial arenas to manufacture compatible nanomaterial solutions for their product.